Cafe World Gift Giving Strategy - How You Can Make the Most of Giving Gifts in Cafe World

Cafe World is one of the newest social networking games taking Facebook by storm. It's like FarmVille but instead of spending your time planting seeds, you're taken away to the world of busy cafes and the business of food. And because it's a social game, the masterminds behind it, Zynga, have implemented some fun features into the game to help you interact with your friends all over the world.

Of all the interactions in Cafe World, gift giving is by far the most important in order to obtain items you can't get elsewhere.

You can start making the most of these gifts by logging in each day and checking your gift menu. This is where you'll find out what gifts you can give away for that day. Usually they will be something like appetizers, cookies, and drinks that your friends will be happy to receive.

One thing you'll want to avoid is giving gifts that you can buy in the store on Cafe World. All of your neighbors will have access to these items so they won't think that you're adding a lot of value and giving them something useful.

Don't be afraid of giving gifts and not getting anything in return though. The game has a built in feature that asks whoever you send a gift to to automatically send you something in return. This way you don't have to spend all your time helping out friends and then wondering why you're not getting any new cool stuff for your cafe.

If you're excited about the possibility of adding some really cool items to your menu, focus on making friends in different Cafe World forums so you can add them as neighbors. Doing this each day will help you get closer to becoming a master Cafe World player.