Manchester Cafes - Chips and Gravy With Coffee and Cake

Eighth Day Cafe

Did the Almighty have a hand in this? Not trying to convert anyone, but in terms of serious quality vegetarian fare, you could do a lot worse than worship at this culinary altar. Nearly a thousand organic products are on offer, and as you sit sipping your dandelion coffee you'll feel the macrobiotically controlled atmosphere infiltrate your system. You'll leave feeling healthy and full, a rare combination in the North West.


Fresh cooked food is what we're all after, and this sandwicherie-cum-cafeteria has it in spades. Heavyweight succulent quiches, full-bodied salads bursting with crispness, this is the place for Didsbury-bound perambulators of the empty-belly variety. Fantastic cream teas - and you can take the scones and jam home with you if you're late for feeding the cat.

The Art of Tea

This is the kind of place you want to hole up for a few days and write your novel. And if it's a novel that's been taking a while to come out, don't worry, you'll have just as fruitful a time watching the world go by and loving the atmosphere. Chain cafés like Starbucks and co. may know how to make easy reliable coffee for people who have left their imagination at home, but when you visit the Art of Tea, you'll remember what going to cafes is all about. Nice drink, nice people, and a seat you'll want to make your own.

Café Muse

Visitors to Manchester nowadays rarely conceive of a visit to the Museum. It's one of the chief signs of our times. We're not interested in history, we'd rather see Ronaldo, or the pub where Frank Gallagher drinks, or the set of Coronation Street. But if by some chance you fancy getting to grips with Manchester's fascinating industrial past, or delving even further back to the discovery of the Lindow Bog Man, then make sure you plan enough time to have a Danish lunch in the café here. A perfect accompaniment to a Mancunian cultural day out.

Café Pop

Full of tacky tat and dodgy wallpaper. But the upside is that while you're wishing you'd chosen your colour scheme more carefully before heading out for a bohemian shopping spree in Oldham (note to self: next time make sure to wear polka-dot false eyelashes and chevron tights), you can thank your stars that you could never be quite so confused in your tastes as the owners of this days of happy 1950s yore eatery, and that they reliably provide good cheap food and a colourful clientele for you to ogle. Oh, and champion vege nosh to boot.

Gourmet Flavored Coffee From Cafes to Countertops

Coffee has been a aged way to acquaintance brotherhood and amusement for centuries. From age-old Africa to avant-garde cafés to countertop coffee makers, this affluent amusement has been an important cooler for abounding people.

The bearing of coffee in Africa and Middle East seems abroad but anybody relates to gourmet flavored coffee today. From avaricious a cup on the way to plan to savoring a cup with dessert, it is served throughout the day. While bubbler java abandoned is pleasurable, generally java is allotment of socializing. It is served at work, at affairs and at amusing gatherings. From klatches to specialty bars, administration a cup is an alibi to gather.

In decades gone by, a abundant cup of coffee meant traveling to your bounded booth or endlessly by a friend's abode afterwards a beginning pot was percolated on the stove. It accompanied continued conversations at the adverse with the waitress and added patrons. Women aggregate in the afternoons afterwards they did their affairs to allotment afresh perked cup and chat afore the accouchement came home from school.

Over the accomplished three decades, coffee got added sophisticated. As technology evolved, so did its presentation. Posh coffee houses sprouted up beyond the nation alms gourmet beans and alien brews. Today abounding houses are accepted as coffee confined area assemblage sit down to sip and socialize. Generally assemblage accompany home their admired varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to accomplish at home.

The home java acquaintance has aswell acquired through the years. Anybody can bethink the argent coffee percolator grandma acclimated to accomplish if we were children. Our parents fabricated it in a simple dribble maker. Today there are a array of machines acclimated at home to actualize alluring concoctions including espresso and cappuccino. A French columnist is acclimated to accomplish a concentrated beverage from gourmet coffee beans. Use a individual serve maker if you reside abandoned or just wish one beginning cup.

Coffee bubbler was simple if your alone options were cream, milk and sugar. Today there are lots of flavors and types to accept from. Do you wish a mocha espresso or hazelnut cappuccino? Would you like castigation hot or iced? How about decaf? Much like accomplished wine, humans generally accept their beverage based on the foods accompanying it.

You can even grab a cup on the go. Instant beverage is fabricated in account with coffee granules and baking water. Chilled bottled versions are a auspicious alleviative on a balmy day. No amount how or area you adjudge to get it, coffee is consistently a adorable and animating treat.

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Extras! Stars, Sets and Craft Service

Have you anytime wondered what it would be like to rub elbows with the affluent and famous? Accept you absurd yourself on the set of a huge Hollywood affection blur and after accidentally advertence to your friends, "Yeah, that was me walking accomplished Jack Black!" And accept you consistently capital a job that took affliction of your wants. That fed you not once, not twice, but all day long? Able-bodied stop looking, you aren't traveling to acquisition annihilation that fits this description bigger than TV and cine extras.

TV and cine account are the humans you see bushing the accomplishments abaft the stars on your favourite Superbowl commercials, Emmy Award acceptable TV shows and multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster movies. This advantageous accumulation is fabricated up of accustomed humans like you and I. Humans of all ages (yes, including kids from tiny to teens), all types, all sizes and all nationalities. But best of all, TV and cine account charge no able training, no acting acquaintance and no admission in the blur industry.

Ever back the alpha of the blur industry (the aboriginal onscreen bashful account of 1906 in Australia) the blur industry hasn't bootless to aftermath cash. Just endure year, the 2009 box appointment acquirement abandoned was 29.2 billion worldwide. And that doesn't even cover DVD's, absolute to DVD, TV and bartering revenue. All in all, the blur industry is one BIG enchilada. So there is consistently employment.

Even a down about-face in the abridgement hasn't beneath the huge acquirement or alcohol of the blur industry. In difficult times, humans charge ball added than ever. They charge it as an escape or a blow from their anarchic lives, abnormally if they're activity blank with accident a job or accepting to survive on a abundantly bargain income. This escape shuts out stress, worries and anxiety. Instead, it takes humans appropriate into the abundance and accustomed ambience of the faces and lives of their admired television characters. Or, on to the never a addled moment ride of an activity or chance flick, whether its alone for a few hours.

The 2 Steps to Become an Extra:

STEP 1. Locate and acquisition an account bureau in your breadth through online websites, abnormally amateur abutment sites, amateur directories and/or amateur forums. You wish to acquisition a able-bodied accepted account bureau which is in appeal with a abate agenda so the antagonism will not be too stiff. Added plan is a part-time job, but it can be absolutely advantageous if you can get to the foreground curve of your agency.

STEP 2. Buzz or email the account agency. They will accept you sign-up online or ask you to appear to their offices to ample out paperwork (your claimed information) and yield a breeze attempt of you. No, you don't charge any adorned arch shots or resume like an amateur does.

Well done! You've clearly entered the industry. Just think, anon you'll be in the attendance of your admired big name stars. Don't you just get goose bumps cerebration about it? You're absolutely traveling to accept some anxious friends. Don't forget, you're now afar of the huge affection blur industry and no best just sitting in the cine theatre watching. You get to see the cine abracadabra appear from within. And it absolutely is amazing.

So, what now? Well, you wait. You delay until your bureau calls you with a analysis of your availability or to book you on a TV appearance or movie. Make abiding you're accessible and say so ASAP.

The Extras' Requirements:

A. You will charge a phone: acreage band and/or corpuscle buzz with a voicemail service.

B. As abounding productions await on internet, you'll a lot of acceptable charge admission to a computer to accept emails for your booking details.

C. A cogent apparel of assorted changes and a Halloween costume.

D. A car or reliable transportation.

E. 24/7 Availability. A lot of blur cutting is done Monday through Friday.

F. An acuteness that brand to pretend (particularly non-verbal actions).

G. Children charge a chaperon. (16 and under)

The Extras' Benefits:

1. Easy money - account are paid contractors. Payment starts at $10/hr, but if you get on admittance (union) you're searching at a minimum of $20/hr. If you're alleged to be a amateur or photo bifold you can acquire hundreds or bags of dollars for a blur shoot. Kids acquire the aforementioned accomplishment as adults.

2. Food - account eat constantly. Craft account will accommodate you with all day snacks, drinks, bake-apple and veggies and lots of junk/goodies. As well, you'll mostly like get a hot breakfast and/or a aperitive catered bistro lunch.

3. Celebrities - account get to see stars like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Robert Pattinson and/or Kristin Stewart. Even stars you don't apperceive by name accept been through a accurate audience action and were alleged by the producers and/or director. Hey, you ability be sitting beside the next Matt Damon or Amanda Seyfried and you could say I saw her if I was an added on...

4. Sets - account angle appropriate central the scenes. You may acquisition yourself active down the streets of a faux New York City, assuming to babble over coffee at an alfresco bistro in Paris or continuing in foreground of a blooming awning on a flat lot which will after transform into Grand Central Station. Sets abundant or baby set the arena and a lot of chiefly account set the atmosphere.

5. Costumes - account get to accompany the game. You ability abrasion your approved apparel from home, a penguin suit/cocktail dress or a Halloween apparel with a cape, but afresh again you ability be adapted for a compatible beat by a policeman or nurse. Bigger yet, you ability acquisition yourself cutting a aeon costume: barbarian rags, action armour, Jane Austin academic wear, affected physique suits, etc.

You've apparent the cine crews, the commotion, and maybe approved to bolt a glimpse of a brilliant or two from beyond a awash artery abrupt your eyes to get a blink through the throngs of people, vehicles, cast, aggregation and equipment. You've acquainted the excitement, apparent the abracadabra and yearned to be on the added ancillary of the street. The ancillary with no concrete barricades, badge or security. Well, now you can. Don't abandon amidst the spectators. Be foreground and centermost (or rather in the accomplishments and a little off center)---be one of the extras.

Hey, do you apperceive there's even a bisected hour TV ball alleged Extras. It's a BBC assembly and declared to be acutely funny. See, anybody wants to get in on the act! And now you can!

The Extra's Activity Steps

1. Acquisition an added agency.

2. Get on their roster.

3. Get a corpuscle buzz with articulation mail.

4. Purchase a baby anthology to jot down booking details.

5. Accept admission to a computer.

6. Assemble a cogent apparel of assorted changes & a Halloween costume.

7. Accept admission to reliable transportation.

8. Accept 24/7 availability.

See you in the movies!

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Can You Eat Away From Home and Still Stay Healthy? Here Are Five Ways to Make the Right Choices

When you eat at home all the time its easier to advance a advantageous bistro plan; you can accept to boutique alone for the foods you apperceive are good, so there is alone advantageous aliment in the cupboard. But abounding of us accept to biking for plan or eat out frequently at functions. If you accept anytime had a anniversary that included lots of dining out, you accept apparently noticed how your activity starts to bead afterwards a few canicule from the abridgement of beginning food.

Although its acceptable to baste out and adore whatever is on the card from time to time, if you eat that way all the time you'll anon see your bloom declining. So lets attending at some strategies to accumulate up advantageous bistro if you are abroad from your own kitchen.

Out for cafeteria at a café with friends? Accept the bloom advantage as your capital meal, canonizing to cover a protein aliment like craven or fish. Most cafes accomplish beginning juices too (and you will not accept to apple-pie up that blowzy abstract machine!) Abstain the absurd aliment completely. By the way, cafeteria at a sushi bar can be a absolutely advantageous best if you accept the acceptable angle and rice varieties.

Eating out for breakfast:

To accumulate your activity levels top all day, accept a protein and vegetable based breakfast from the menu, not the bacon and sausages. Eggs are great; adjustment castigation as poached. Request 'no acknowledgment thanks', and if you wish coffee, adjustment the accepted size. Coffee itself isn't a bad affair in moderation; humans accept been bubbler it for centuries. But the mega sized cups that are accessible can be a trap.

Many functions and celebrations like weddings accept a set menu. But you can still accomplish some advantageous choices. Ignore the aliment basket. If there is a buffet, amount your bowl up with bloom and aflame veg, and abstain the affluent sauces. Boldness to adore just one bottle of alcohol, again about-face to non alcoholic drinks like mineral water. If the meal turns out to be absolutely rich, boldness to focus on simple beginning foods alone for the next 24 hours.

Going to a barbeque with friends? Abstain the aliment rolls and the sausages. Adore the afresh adapted steak or fish, and amount up your bowl with abounding salads. If the ambrosia looks absolutely fabulous, accept some; just accomplish it a baby portion!

Eating able-bodied while travelling has got a lot easier back abstract confined started actualization in airports. They will accomplish you a abstract from beginning bake-apple and vegetables on the spot, and generally accept beginning bake-apple accessible as well.

Enjoy the claiming of bistro out and blockage healthy!

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Most Popular Las Vegas Mexican Restaurants and Bistros

Las Vegas houses the most number of elegant and impressive restaurants in America with encompassing price ranges and delicacies. Despite the fact that the world of fine dining has gained extreme popularity in the past years, there are still numerous Las Vegas restaurants where you can find delicious food at affordable prices. Among the numerous restaurants that have flourished in the City of Lights are Mexican Restaurants. Las Vegas Mexican food and restaurants have been known to offer the most delicious and sumptuous foods at low prices. In fact, the number of Las Vegas Mexican restaurants and bistros have already outnumbered local-born cafes and dine-in establishments within the state.

Below is a list of some of the most popular Las Vegas Mexican restaurant and bistros that Americans particularly love.

Pepe's Tacos is a Las Vegas Mexican restaurant that offers its loyal customers the best tasting breakfasts, which include chorizo con juevos, eggs, beans rice and tortillas. This restaurant provides numerous lunch and dinner meals for such low prices. Their most sought after meals include carne asada, carnitas, mojarra, tortas, different variety of tacos, and super burritos. All types of meals served at Pepe's Tacos include rice, beans and tortillas. They also serve chips and guacamole, carne asada French fries, and real Mexican drinks like Jarritos and Horchata.

Roberto's Taco Shop has 11 branches within Las Vegas and it considerably offers cheap eating at its finest. They have a wide array of combination plates, burritos, taquitos, tortas, tostadas, and tacos. Roberto's carne asada super nachos are extremely delectable and they serve it in huge mouthwatering portions. This Las Vegas Mexican restaurant also serves scrumptious chicken tacos that are deep fried and are stuffed with chicken, lettuce and cheese.

Villa Pizza is a popular restaurant that serves the most authentic and mouth-watering New York thin crust pizzas. The sauce, crust and the piping hot cheese that melts and drips off from the pizza slice is definitely enticing to look at. There are also lunch platters and specials that are very affordable. You can either buy the pizza by slice or order them in whole. They also have an in-house salad bar where customers are allowed to dress up their own salad dressings and ingredients. Their line of desserts, which include fried dough treats covered in a powdery sugar and packed fresh in a paper bag, is just really exceptional.

El Pollo Loco is a huge Las Vegas Mexican restaurant chain that concentrates in creating the most appetizing flame-grilled chicken. If you have not tasted the mouth-watering chicken of El Pollo Loco, you can visit the shop if you are in Vegas. There are a total of 12 branches around the town, and each food chain comes with a plentiful salsa bar to assist you in dressing up your chicken and meal. Their chicken is invariably the reigning king of this place. It is specifically known for its tender and juicy insides and its golden and crispy outsides. El Pollo Loco meals are Mexican-inspired and there are also numerous fresh and healthy food choices included in their menu.

Top Pubs and Restaurants to Visit in Northumberland

If you're traveling to Northumberland, UK, you'll acquisition that there's a lot to do there. While you're out accomplishing things, though, you're traveling to get athirst and charge something to eat and drink. Luckily for you, there are abounding abundant pubs and restaurants that are accessible in that area, so you'll accept affluence to accept from. Breadth you go to eat and alcohol will apparently aswell depend on what affectionate of aliment you're searching for, because there are some added flush dining opportunities as able-bodied as some beneath big-ticket and added accidental ones. If you accept accouchement with you will aswell accept something to do with breadth you go, but actuality are a few of the best options in Northumberland if you're athirst and agog from a continued day sightseeing.

·       Cafe Lowry - this one is a favourite of the locals because of its abundant aliment and bistro-like atmosphere.

·       Jesmond Dene House - if you're searching for achieve for that absolutely appropriate occasion, this is a acceptable choice. It's not an accustomed affectionate of restaurant.

·       Cafe 21 - addition accomplished best for something added flush and out of the ordinary, this restaurant is advised to be one of the plushest places in town.

·       Henris - this restaurant serves bifold assignment because it has a touristy, accidental breadth bench with basal aliment and snacks, while the admiral is actual elegant.

·       Cafe No. 5 - if you're searching for a cafeteria or bite place, this is a acceptable choice. It closes a little early, though, and the endure adjustment is taken at seven pm, so accomplish abiding that you get there in time or just plan to go for cafeteria instead of dinner.

It's simple to see that there are all kinds of choices for altered restaurants in Northumberland, and there are absolutely abounding added than the ones listed here, although these are about a part of the a lot of popular. If you're blockage in a Northumbria Cottage for an continued anniversary you ability wish to attending about and see what abroad is accessible so that you can accept a abundant acquaintance dining out with ancestors or friends. You ability aswell blunder beyond a abstruse abode that's just agitating for you and absolutely what you're searching for. The availability of so abounding abundant options for aliment and alcohol is one of the things that makes Northumberland so accepted and such a big hit with bounded and tourists alike.

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Four Foods That Are Bad For Your Enamel and Your Health

We all apperceive that there are foods that are abominable for one's able-bodied being, commons that in fact do added abuse than good. These are aliment items that accept activity in them, but accept absolutely tiny account if it happens to minerals, comestible vitamins and added nutrients that are abundant for the absolute physique and that acquaint wellbeing. Some of these foods may able-bodied abide of substances that animate illnesses in the absolute body, and that we charge to all attack to prevent.

Right actuality are 4 commons to be averted if it arrives to your teeth and your accepted able-bodied being:

o Amber cafes - a lot of amber confined the brand of snickers are bad for your fat and your tooth. They accept acutely college amoroso accounting agreeable and they aswell accept a lot a of calorie consumption.

o Sweet carbonated air-conditioned drinks - these are abrogating for kinds tooth, as they abide of a acceptable accord of sugar. For instance, a bottle of a individual of these drinks is explained to cover up to 5 teaspoons a day that is a acceptable accord of amoroso that is branch into the absolute body.

o Potato chips - these accept a accomplished lot of calorie burning and fats, and occasionally they aswell accommodate actual a bit of salt. They are poor for your teeth as they get bent in in amid your tooth as you chew, are loaded with activity and accept tiny account in agreement of foods that acquaint wellbeing in your absolute body.

o Lemons - do not get me improper, they are actual acceptable if you are bistro them. But accomplish absolute you do not blot on them, this is back they are absolutely acerb and they will abrade the apply of your enamel, decidedly the foreground kinds.

Continue to be abroad from any foods that dries your mouth. A abundant accord of medicines accept a addiction to dry the mouth, so you should alcohol a acceptable accord of h2o if you are on anesthetic that chips the aperture out.

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A Detox Fasting Paradise - Pristine Private Island - Coconut, the Tree of Life and Organic Raw Food

Dedicated to my wonderful island coconut trees, the trees of life.

I am often asked, "What encouraged you to follow your inner child guides to a pristine private island paradise to live the rest of your life surrounded by coconut, the tree of life?" Here is my story.

At age 36, after traveling the globe extensively, I had a strong vision to settle down in my own pristine Shangri-la with many coconut trees. I was then on a 16 year world sojourn, traveling together with my English partner Mark. Our adventures had taken us to some of the world's most pristine, rugged, serene, remote tropical wilderness and animal reserves, plus canyons, rivers, lakes and island paradises fringed with coconut trees. Though shy and uncomfortable with people since a little girl, I was totally relaxed in Mother Nature, particularly in the tropics near a cleansing sea and eating organic tropical food from the wild.

During my adventures, short-term travelers would often ask questions about my long unusual journeys. Amazed myself that many of my wild dreams came true, I would tell them I was blessed to have among others, Peter Pan and TinkerBell as my mystical spiritual friends. I came to believe it and live by my mystical tropical island dream.

My 'vision to settle' was not your typical 'Buy a house in the country and settle down'! My dream was a pristine paradise somewhere in the tropics far away from people. It was private and had a lush tropical jungle backdrop. I could see an island surrounded by blue crystal clear water and a nearby coral reef, teaming with fish, with a long white-sand beach fringed with coconut, my trees of life.

Amazingly, I could still see mountain peaks, caves and grottos in the picture, too. I could see myself growing my organic garden, learning how to eat coconut in many varied ways, sprouting my organic seeds in my own kitchen, eating cleansing raw food and having pets to nurture and love, but I was still unsure if I would live on a pristine island beside a tropical turquoise blue sea or on some mystical mountain.

Most people would say this was an irrational fairytale fantasy; to me it was real. I knew it was out there and I had to search. And with the help of Peter Pan and TinkerBell as my mystical guides, find my pristine paradise and my coconut trees, I did!. Like a coconut washed to a far distant shore, I started from an organic tropical coconut seed on my tropical soil, and then I grew my tropical island roots. Later I would grow my sturdy trunk, my huge green leaves and fruits to share, growing strong with the trees of life surrounding me.

Finding the Soil to Plant the Coconut Seed

Mark had airline tickets back to Australia, suggesting we look for a place in tropical Cape Tribulation, Northern Queensland, another paradise we both loved. However living in the West did not fit my mystical journey and my way of life. I could feel my need of a paradise in the East, far away from what most call 'normal' civilization. Still Mark was my partner; we had traveled together for more than 14 years, sharing much love, joy and experience. He would often suggest I wake up to reality and I would struggle with questions like: Why did I, at 36 years of age, still believe such a fantasy fairytale about an exotic paradise with a white-sand beach and coconut trees existed? Would I be searching my whole life for an unobtainable mystical island dream? Could there really be gods, goddesses, fairies and spiritual guides and a remote island paradise I could live on?

While traveling through Malaysia on our way back to Australia, I was sharing my far-fetched private island dream with a Swiss couple while sitting at a small street-side restaurant in Penang. Immediately both said that my vision sounded like the pristine area they had just left, the spectacular bay, cliffs and white-sand beaches of El Nido Palawan, Philippines.

Immediately I heard bells in my head and felt Peter Pan beside me again saying the words "what are we waiting for?" l looked at Mark, who, though amazed with my mystical adventures, agreed to add yet another detour into our plans to get back to Australia. Weeks later after trekking off the beaten track through rice paddies and waiting days in a crocodile infested riverside village for a weekly market boat, we found our way to the unforgettable shores of Bacuit Bay, home of 21 pristine islands, with coconut fringed beaches and the main town of El Nido.

After just two weeks here, surprising even me, I was adamant that I would find my island dream in one of these exotic gems. Mark had not the heart to share my dream, yet I heard myself tell him, "I will manage it alone from here and find my pristine coconut fringed island." We said goodbye, he thinking I would come to my senses with time and experience. I knew I was here for life. Four months later, together with Peter, I was shown the unforgettable shores of my destiny. As if my friendly spiritual guides had waved their magic wands, almost all of my wishes were in front of me on this tiny magical island of Malapacao. It was my exotic, mystical place here in Asia. It was a gem surrounded by other gems, a pearl in a pristine place. It was a tropical island surrounded by blue crystal clear water, a nearby coral reef..teaming with fish... It had a long white-sand beach fringed with my beloved tress of life.It had a lush tropical jungle backdrop... It had many rugged mountain peaks, a cave and a grotto for meditation... Turtles visited the shore often to lay their eggs and exotic tropical birds shared space with colorful butterflies, dragonflies, lacewings and my trees of life.

If all of this was not enough, it had a carved small pool just on the shore that I could use as my wishing well for future diva dreams. I was ecstatic and in love. Finding my vision had taken all of three months. Now making it my tropical paradise home and becoming self sufficient on coconut and organic food was going to be the dedicated work of my life, a challenge like moving a mountain!

It was September 1987, over 23 years ago, when I was washed to these shores with Peter Pan and TinkerBell, arriving with almost no savings left. Few westerners lived in our area, few locals had met a foreigner and fewer spoke English. Even though I was well traveled, living among people from such a simple culture was like stepping back in time 50 years or more. I was ever-so green!! I had not even thought it through, how I would survive eating my beloved coconut, what I would do for funds. My family (though not close) believed like Mark did, that one day I would return to my senses and come back to Australia; there was no way I was going to ask them for any financial help.

Growing my Delicate Coconut Roots

Home for me was here, with these coconut trees, there would never be another in this lifetime. I had made the forever, life commitment. I had to trust Peter Pan and TinkerBell as well as my new island gods, goddesses and fairies to show me the way I needed to follow. There was nothing in my head saying "NO"; that it might not or would not work. I had been born a Leo, in the year of the Rabbit, and luck was my middle name. I would mesh with the local islanders and balance this most important shift in my life. I would grow like the coconut tree and learn new skills to live closely with nature. I learnt to make young coconut jelly, coconut brittle, coconut biscuits, crunches, coconut oils, coconut cheeses, coconut champagne and coconut honey. I would adapt to this tropical island lifestyle, as I believed the answers were here with the trees, and as long as I asked, all would be revealed. Looking back, I see this as my saving grace.

Thinking rationally rarely allows someone to start a tropical island adventure such as I did! Yet in hindsight, I can not help but be surprised by just how irrational I was 23 years ago! Like others starting their 'Robinson Crusoe lifestyle', I planted more coconut trees in my garden for my millionaire's salad, grew my sprouts and explored the lush natural vegetation. I found lot of ways to add coconuts to wild vines, green leaves and shoots for my cleansing raw food organic diet. I started a farm to grow and then sell things so I could survive here.

On several of my trips to Manila (a 30 hour or longer cargo boat ride) I brought back 6 imported breeding sows, 2 boars, 80 egg laying pullets and 200 just born chicks, 100 Muscovy ducklings and 100 baby Australian Silver quail. Over time the pigs bred an average of 80 piglets every six months. I would sleep with the sows at their birth; clip their umbilical cords from their mothers and their eye teeth to prevent them from hurting mums teats. My island helpers even taught me how to castrate the young male piglets.

The chickens would lay approximately 60 eggs a day creating a small income and to this menagerie I acquired a few pairs of Campbell Road Runner ducks and a pair of Bengala guinea fowl. With the help of a homemade kerosene incubator, I multiplied my animals and my eggs one hundred fold.

To add to more excitement I bought 2 mother goats with 4 baby kids and 1 Billy goat. Life was full....lots of experiences......lots of daily happenings. I fed coconut in various forms to all my animals and at one point I had over 1000 of them to care for. I made salted, century eggs and balut from my ducks, sold quail eggs and created other interesting local delicacies. To provide better health for my young animals, I raised thousands of earthworms for their Vitamin B12 vermiculture. That is another story all on its own and to this day I am grateful to my humble earthworms in my organic garden supporting my cleansing raw food meals.

I sold young healthy pigs and if ever any got sick, their new owners would return them to me to doctor. I would feed them coconut, charcoal and green leaves; let them wander along the beach and under the coconut trees, until they got their energy again. I would even sleep with them; wrapping them in woolen scarves at night so they could feel warm and secure and I would massage and shampoo them with cleansing coconut oil. As is my way, I prefer not ask a person to do anything I would not do myself! Eventually I could not bring myself to kill my animals and slowly I become a spiritual vegan. It was a wonderful learning process and another step in my organic island way of life.

During that time a few other foreigners came into the area, but they seldom stayed long, finding life too challenging. I would rarely meet them, finding little common ground with people, more at home hugging the trees and rocks, dancing with the wind, snorkeling with the fish and eating coconuts and organic food. Using local folklore tales Peter Pan would help me weave fantasies of the island shapes, acknowledging the fairy guides. Inabuyatan Island in front of me, became The Princess who had cried herself to sleep hundreds of years ago, distressed with the world for allowing the Goddesses to be destroyed. Now with the help of her seven sisters, she had woken, aware that these strong women were on the scene again. A Mammoth Elephant leaning up against her as a symbol of Yin and Yang.

I, myself became a bit of a legend too - it was not hard to do here! Alone, celibate and a mystical spiritual diva who enjoyed strange dances on the beach (often nude) and with an odd cleansing diet, loving my life in nature. Foreigners and locals alike called me 'The Crazy Coconut Lady of Malapacao.' To those who knew me it was said in kind fun. However, most believed that in time, I would get lonely enough and give up my organic island lifestyle. Though several visitors asked me this question, my answer was always the same, "No, never!!"

In the early days life was about survival, with huge challenges. It was not a bed of roses that is for sure! Days and dramas were real and not for the weak minded. Living here can be like being in the Wild West and I had my hands full just trying to understand a culture that is so different from our world. There were days I admit I hit some mighty bumps and did buckle and bend just like the coconut tree does - it happens to all of us! But these obstacles were heaven-sent to make me a stronger diva. I believe one makes the most of what we have....I had what most people only dream of, it was a precious magical could I NOT put my heart and soul into it?

Still after four years of trying to survive, I failed to earn enough for basic needs with my farming venture. In 1992, with few facilities, I opened my doors to regular tourism, offering stretcher beds on the beach and visitors had to help me prepare meals and hot drinks on a wood fire. I had no towels, bed linens and knew nothing about bokashi composting toilet in those days. It was a rustic beginning with lots of coconut drinks and meals on my exotic menu and budget travelers loved it. Offering a tiny haven for passing yachties, I sold the coconut fruit, coconut oil, coconut champagne and veggies, other fresh fruits, green leaves and water, as well as offering refueling, laundry and garbage disposal services.

This led to an article in the Hong Kong magazine called 'Fragrant Harbor' and during the months of March and April before the Hong Kong changeover of 1997, groups of eight or sometimes twelve yachts would anchor in my spectacular bay. Their owners would shout from their boats, "Leeann, is it OK to come ashore for dinner? We are 14 of us, have you got some raw organic food for us, we are tired of tinned junk." "What about some coconut champagne too" Slowly, with better income, I created more cottages under the coconut trees, adding facilities, increasing my rates, services and sharing the benefits of cleansing raw food.

In 1996 my island view was chosen as the gem of all the 7001 Philippine islands by the author of the Lonely Planet Guide Book. Our Beautiful 'Princess' (Inabuyatan Island) also fringed with coconuts was on his front cover. Popularity brought more visitors and in those short-lived years, I was able to pay off many of the islanders who owned or claimed to own my part of the island.

Often I would accommodate thirty or more guests staying in-house daily. Supported by the help of the local islanders, we offered basic friendly services, raw and semi-raw food meals and unforgettable island adventure. The downside of more visitors was the difficult challenge of sharing my pristine environment with people who enjoyed things that I considered toxic and definitely not meant to be here in my mystical private island with my island guides.

To keep my delicate spiritual balance, the first to go off my island services was meat, followed by cigarettes, then alcohol and coffee and sugar. Having acquired an even deeper interest in the health benefits of coconut, making virgin oil as well as coconut flower honey and many other organic and herbal raw food, I would cringe at the amount of over cooked food I served on my table, including breads, buns and tarts, with not a hope in paradise to incorporate the benefits of food combining or not drinking with meals, plus what I had learned.

Like any business, one is obliged to serve what a customer wants or pay the price and lose business. In the face of much advice to the contrary, I chose the latter, adamantly believing money was not my driving force, love of my island and quality of life was! and I had to find a way.

Growing my Sturdy Tall Coconut Trunk

At this time I was completely cut off from the outside world in so many ways. No news, no radio, no newspaper, no TV, no Internet, no computer, it was just too much of a challenge to find the power. Magazines didn't exist here unless someone brought them in, and there was no music. And none of that mattered to me. YES!! even music!

When you are a child of nature, eating a mostly cleansing raw diet, you are content with the whisperings of wonderful elementals and divas. The many and varied sounds of the sea, the swishing of the fronds of my enormous trees above was, is and always will be my musical pleasure. These trees asked me to hug them, the heavens guided me to build sundecks to embrace the light; the sea beckoned me to swim in it daily. For me the wind offered fine vibrations within the coconut trees that I adored. I was and still am content with simplicity and the song 'All The Sounds Of The Earth Are Like Music' is so true for me. Along the way I was blessed to have visitors share their Gentle Arts. I learnt to practice yoga, tai chi, sword dancing, and do tarot and angel card readings too.

Sometime in mid 1997, an English couple, listening to me voice my current island dreams, suggested I was outlining a detox cleansing spa. All I knew then of Spas were hot water pools in Germany. Fortunate enough to be managing a detox fasting center in Puerto Rico, these two people had my full attention. Another important spiritual serendipity was in the making. A little later, a kind Austrian offered to create my first website for me; an Internet Cafe worker in Puerto Princesa agreed to check emails and send them up in printed state. I replied in longhand. So many rustic beginnings! Imagine notes traveling via a difficult local bus/truck ride over 400 kilometers of steep mountains up to El Nido, then waiting for a rare island boat trip. It was the same process to get the answer back down to Puerto Princesa. Some email replies would have been 10-15 days old before the sender would receive it! I can laugh at the journey, so different from now!

Some of my guests wonder at my patience with the continual computer challenges we have here day by day now, but I know its all relative and I take nothing for granted. Though my library was minimal then, one book called "Touch For Health", written by John Thie, stood out prominently. I had carried this book on many of my travels, even to the base camp of Everest. Once here, I had placed it in a corner, forgetting it, having no partner to learn with or practice it. On a whim I wrote to John Thie's Foundation, hoping the 20 year old address might still exist and that my letter might reach them. My request to entice a 'Touch For Health' instructor to the island to teach me Kinesiology went off with a passing visitor. It was like sending a message in a bottle asking TinkerBell to deliver it. I never used the postal system.

I quickly learnt about mud/clay bakes, coconut body scrubs, seaweed wraps and various massage treatments. A Reiki Master sailing in a yacht anchored in my bay and I managed to convince her to stay longer, teaching me Reiki 1 and 2. Later I was blessed to learn about efficiency micro-organisms (EM) (AEM) and bokashi and started my organic garden under the coconut trees with these wonderful gifts of Mother Nature. I even belatedly learnt about the bokashi composting toilet, something still on my list of things to create.

My diva buds were expanding, spring was in the air and important groundwork was in progress. With the help of a few loyal visitors, I began building several rustic, comfy cottages with garden bathrooms, dreaming of my new 'Adventure Wellness' programs. In 1998, nature threw additional spice into my challenges. First global warming came, bringing ten months of drought with ancient tropical trees crashing down. Sea temperatures, generally only 26 -28 degrees centigrade rose to over 32, killing all the soft corals and much of our hard corals, all under my eyes with nothing I could do. It was a sad unforgettable time for our earth.

To cap off the year of 1998, on December 12th, with most of the construction of my new cottages almost completed, one of the strongest typhoons in 60 years ripped into us head-on. It was called 'Norming' and we were in the 'Eye' and in its wake as it went first one way, then the other it destroyed one third of my retreat, burying my beautiful white-sand beach under heaps of rubble, not to mention many small sea creatures. Almost all of my tall coconut trees were damaged, for one full year I would have no coconut fruits from my island trees. Where to continue, what to rebuild first...where were the funds to do it? I had $500 only in the bank, just enough to keep a US dollar account open. It had to go and more had to be found. Many visitors were booked to share my island paradise between Xmas/New Year, and would be deeply disappointed otherwise.

This was a huge challenge on its own; however on the heels of this, I had to ride out the aftermath of two political dramas during 1999 and 2000. These issues stopped tourism in its tracks for several years. My Adventure Wellness dreams went on the back burner. I had to survive with my coconuts...but how! Most Westerners involved in any commercial venture returned to their country to take on part-time work to maintain their Philippine lifestyle. I had nowhere to go and no money even if I wanted to leave, which I did not. I prayed to Peter Pan and TinkerBell for the answer, asking for change, asking for balance. My wonderful island spirits again heard my prayers and I managed to turn every difficult corner as I came to it.

Stretching my Limbs and Dancing my Huge Coconut Leaves

In 2002 a connection was made with the owner of Dharma Healing, Hillary Hitt. She graciously shared much information on fasting, detox, cleansing and self healing. I linked my web pages with those of Hillary's, but nothing moved. I clearly saw detox fasting programs as my future and prayed to know where and how to begin, but though 52 years old, I had never fasted a day in my life and had only the vaguest idea what detox fasting meant.

True to the rhythms of my mystical life, less than ten months later, a full of life 73 year old Norwegian man, Frank Jenson arrived, loved my coconut paradise and wanted to stay for 2 months or more. I asked what he did for a living. Frank replied that the was a "Touch For Health" (kinesiology) instructor.

So here was the person I had asked Peter Pan to send me five years before, sent off in note in a bottle! Frank also owned 'Monhos Velhos', a detox fasting retreat in the Argyle, Portugal and serendipity was knocking again. Frank got an almost FREE stay; a great trade off, and I was over the moon! You might call this luck; I called it as usual, my destiny. Like so much in life, our paths are mapped out.

Learning Kinesiology was fun, but what I appreciated the most was Frank sitting beside me in my office for a two full months, (mostly nude!), rebuilding his detox fasting website. I was his willing pupil. I learnt about fasting and detox and I learnt of life-changing journeys. We were using cleansing products Frank had brought from Portugal and without even looking into where or how I would get similar items, I started my detox fasting retreat adding more coconut products to them, converting my website totally to detox and transformation and my life simultaneously too.

It was a huge financial risk to convert from simple tourism to offering detox, fasting, cleansing programs at higher prices in this remote area, but slowly with the help of TinkerBell and her magic wand, everything came slowly together. I was and still am blessed to have had the opportunity with my guides, to find and then create one of the most beautiful paradises on earth for cleansing detox, fasting and self healing. I could think of no better way to support myself in this lifetime than to share my paradise with caring visitors, mostly women, seeking a quiet sanctuary like mine for their own cleansing self healing work and to find their own balance. Plus the thrill that people could be sharing their holistic alternative health knowledge with families and loved ones, and contributing just that little bit more to the healing of our world is an added bonus.

Like many of us that move into the alternative health care detox field, I too came with my own personal baggage of health challenges. Up until that time, I had buried many of these in the spirit of 'Just get on with it!' Peter Pan had told me to be strong, to even play a very masculine role in order to set the groundwork. Now was my own time for spiritual growth and healing, to explore my feminine energy; to nurture and transform ME. To share with love and ever growing understanding, I had to first listen to my deepest inner child awareness. These are the beautiful gifts of my island, my island guides and much serendipity. There is so much more than we will ever know about our spiritual destiny, we must just trust and walk our inner child path.

Appreciating and Sharing My Flowers and Fruits

As diva life has a way of evolving so gracefully, I was destined to meet my next mentor, Farida Sharan, the owner/founder of The School of Natural Medicine, Boulder Colorado. After years of personal study, practical experience and commitment in the field of alternative natural health detox and fasting, I earned my Diploma in Naturopathy and forged ahead on my tiny coconut island. Offering colon irrigation services long before many people in my part of the world had ever heard of it, added to the legend of Leeann 'The Crazy Coconut Lady of Malapacao'. When I began my fasting, self healing programs the flowers and fruits came into my life. As I speak they are in full strong blossom, blooming slowly more each year. Visitors now come to my pristine island from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe for guided full body detox parasite cleansing, colonics, organic raw food, coconut ology teacher training, as well as for Naturopathy, Alternative Health Care Practicum's.

Many on my visitors become open to detox cleansing usually after they have become burnt out from stress and an unhealthy diet. Many know what to do, but forget to listen to their bodies. Sadly many get sick and take toxic medications, especially for depression, or seriously ill with cancer. Many have had no luck with regular doctors and don't know what to do. Almost all have parasites and bacteria issues, many have sticky blood and acid pH.

Part of the process of becoming healthy is learning to love ourselves and listen to our spiritual inner child and our hearts; to learn to see our body as our temple. I feel so blessed to have my strong coconut trees and magical divas here with me every day. Ideally we should detox regularly and eat colorful living vibrant unadulterated organic food with lots of coconut, be mindful when and where we eat; spend time in nature and talk to the trees, love as many people around us as we can and enjoy and share the flowers and fruits of our labor. With this, appreciating our winding path of truth and growing inner child spirituality, becomes easier. This is my gift to the universe, to share my spectacular island with its beautiful white-sand beach with people seeking to love themselves more, to change, transform and to self heal, to find a way back to balance from a very toxic world through mother nature.

Created in love, living life in love, surrounded by love, encouraging love


What is Food? What Does it Represent?

Well that's a simple question to answer, huh? I can just go consult Google and get a dictionary definition, right?

any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue

Ok, that's great. We can even expand that definition a bit by checking in with Wikipedia:(1)

Food is any substance, usually composed primarily of carbohydrates, fats, water and/or proteins, that can be eaten or drunk by an animal for nutrition or pleasure.

Now we're getting somewhere! Ok, maybe not. In the strictest, dictionary definition of the word, any substance that provides energy is a food. By that definition, a Twinkie is food, though I doubt few here would agree, myself included. So what is food really?

Food, to me, is one of the most important elements of truly living, and I don't mean that simply because it's a requirement to keep from wasting away. Frankly, I love food. I don't mean that in the "I love to eat" sense, though I do love to eat, but it's deeper than the mere act of eating. I genuinely love food - the aromas, the textures, the flavors, the camaraderie. In fact, while I know that not everyone is a foodie, it amazes me that people can be so blase when it comes to what they put into their bodies. What you put into your body becomes your body.

Ok, so let's go back to camaraderie. Or socializing. Call it what you will, but it is one of the most important aspects of eating. Humans have the distinct privilege of being the only animal that doesn't simply eat, but "dines". Dining is more than simply stuffing food down one's gullet and moving on. Dining is a celebration of the experience of food. "Breaking bread" with other humans has been part of the human experience since time immortal. When a tribal hunting party brings home an animal, the hunter that killed the beast (or the person supplying the arrow depending on the culture) doles out the meat. Eating becomes a festival of sharing. Today, I feed you, for tomorrow, I may need you to feed me. Think of any gathering of family or friends. I bet nearly every time you gather with others for a good time, there is food involved. The act of cooking for someone else is an act of love and respect. To receive food cooked by another shows that they have concern for your well-being.

If you doubt me, think of people's feelings toward those that hoard their food. Or people that refuse to eat other people's food. The feelings attached to food and to the offering of food are why I will usually sacrifice my diet when someone puts in the effort to cook for me. If I go to my mom's and she cooks spaghetti, I eat it. I may not always want to eat it, but the social aspect is more important than the food in that situation. Rejecting something that someone put the energy into making for you is generally taken as an insult if you don't have an allergy to said food. It is not simply a rejection of the food, it is a rejection of the person.

Unfortunately, US culture places little emphasis on food. Largely, food is for nothing more than providing fuel. Few people here revel in food in the way that the French or Italians revel in food, as something more than some combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. Perhaps I should say that the emphasis we do place on food is of the wrong kind. As a culture, we hate food. It's merely something that is required to stay alive and even then we can't agree on what foods to eat. We've let corporations determine "what is food" and seem to have forgotten the most elementary task of nourishing ourselves. The problem with that is that corporations have little concern for your well-being unless it somehow positively affects their bottom lines. Why let someone feed you that doesn't care about you as a person?

The phrase "soul food" keeps coming into my head while writing this. Those two little words say a good deal. Think about it..."soul food." Food for your soul. It's more than mere nourishment. While most "soul food" isn't the most healthful fare, it shows the emphasis on dining, sharing, and community that are put into the food. It's something given from one to another to provide more than just energy. That's food to me. To spend an hour or more of your time to cook for another is quite an expression. It both shows and adds to the value of a relationship.

To truly experience a culture, you absolutely have to experience its food. In college, I took a Spring Break trip to Cancun, Mexico. Off the top of my head, my meals were largely eaten at Outback Steakhouse, Hard Rock Cafe, Subway, McDonald's, and whatever other US-based chains we came across. Obviously at age 20, I wasn't there to experience the gastronomy of the region (let's be frank, I was there to drink tequila and party). For my honeymoon, I went to Acapulco, Mexico and actually got out and ate at some of the local restaurants, truly experiencing Mexican cuisine. Both trips were great in their own way. But from the standpoint of cultural experience, Acapulco was much better, the fact that I was in Cancun largely being irrelevant other than the drinking age and the skin color of the workers. It wasn't solely the food, but that is a major part of it.

Some may think that I've just turned the act of eating into something that it's not. But it's only been in the past half-century or so that food has taken on the role of mere fuel. It's only since the industrial complex started doing the cooking for us that eating has been an "on the run" affair. When we're too busy to properly nourish our bodies, times are bad for sure. Other cultures - for instance Mexico, Italy, and Argentina - place a very major emphasis on socializing during meals. Long lunches, multiple course dinners, elaborate dishes prepared lovingly by mom for hours, all shared with immediate and extended family and friends. June Cleaver never let a show end without making sure Wally and Beaver were well-fed. Food creates a family and a community.

While we don't all have the pleasure of eating with others, you can still give your meals the attention they deserve by eating at a table, not watching TV, not surfing the Internet, perhaps not even reading a book. I'm guilty of doing other things while eating, though I am working on that. Food is, and should be, an experience. Take the time to savor every bite that you take. Take in the smells and colors and textures. Put time and effort into your food; the time you put into preparing good food for you and your family is effort you are putting into caring for yourself and others. Ensure that you're cooking flavorful, high quality food so that it is something to get excited about. If you can't cook, learn. If you don't have the time, reprioritize. Why simply eat when you can dine? So with all of that, I'll end by saying "Respect Your Food. Respect Yourself."

Atlanta's Top 10 Healthy Places to Eat, Cleanse, and Be Healthy

I've lived in Atlanta for over 10 years, and I accept visited dozens of bloom aliment store, wellness centers, restaurants, etc. I'm traveling to allotment with you my account of the best of the best places you should appointment consistently to advice you on your bloom and wellness journey. This account of places includes the best in chump service, amount for your money, and all-embracing wellness acceptable experiences:

1. Dekalb Farmers Bazaar

3000 E Ponce De Leon Ave

Decatur, Georgia 30033

This is the best abode to grocery boutique in Atlanta. They accept every beginning bake-apple and vegetable you can anticipate of and the prices are the a lot of aggressive in and about the city. This abode makes it affordable to eat healthy. I use to reside in decatur, but even now that I reside about 40 afar away, I still go to the farmers bazaar to grocery shop. In accession to an all-encompassing bake-apple and vegetable section, they aswell accept a ample accustomed meat section, seafood, and assemble and spiced selection.

There is aswell a ample alternative of all-embracing foods, which is why you see humans from all altered nationalities arcade and alive here. The Farmer's Bazaar is not just a grocery store, it's a arcade experience!

*One affair to accumulate in apperception is that they do not yield acclaim cards, alone debit cards, checks, and cash.

2. Jeju Sauna

3555 Gwinnett Pl Dr

Duluth, Georgia 30096

I adulation jeju! This is such a abundant haven just arctic of Atlanta. I started traveling to Jeju, the Korean spa, several years ago if I was one of actual few Americans who knew about it. Jeju is a spa and bathroom that has a array of bathroom apartment fabricated from altered advantageous and benign elements and minerals. They accept apartment fabricated out of bedrock salt, red clay, and amethyst/rose quartz. I usually go already a ages and break for hours. You pay $25, and you can break as continued as you want, up tp 24 hours. They aswell action massage, physique scrubs, and treatments you will not acquisition anywhere abroad in atlanta like their acclaimed hip bath, but you accept to pay added for these.

A cruise to Jeju feels like you've briefly stepped out of the United States and into Korea. If you go, let them apperceive it's you're aboriginal time and you'll get a absolute bout of the facility, which aswell includes a jacuzzi, beef room, restaurant, and pond pool. Alcohol affluence of baptize afore and afterwards you go to abetment your physique in detoxing.

3. Arctic Georgia Mountains

You may be thinking, what's this accomplishing on the list? Well I'm consistently afraid at how abounding humans accept lived in Atlanta for years and haven't fabricated the 2 hour drive to the Arctic Georgia Mountains. I accept three words to call this scenery: quiet, serene, and beautiful. It's the absolute abode to breeding yourself in the healing furnishings of nature. Arctic Georgia is absolute for a day cruise or weekend getaway. There's horseback riding, admirable waterfalls like Amicalola Falls and Anna Ruby Falls, parks, admirable attributes trails, white baptize rafting, and abundant more. I adulation to backpack a cafeteria and absorb the day in Unicoi State Park.

4. Midtown Atlanta Wellness Centermost

117 5th Street NE Suite 1

Atlanta, GA 30308-1313

If you are absorbed in accident weight, detoxing, this is an haven appropriate in the average of the city! Whether you're just starting your healing journey, or you're a veteran, this is a accept to appointment wellness centermost in Atlanta. They action such a advanced array of wellness casework like massage, colonics, weight-loss programs, hypnotherapy, and more!

On my aboriginal appointment to MAWC, I got a colonic and a precolonic massage. I've gotten colonics before, but this was by far the best experience. The precolonic beating about angled my results. The atmosphere was adequate and adorning with waterfalls and bendable music. It didn't accept that doctor's appointment feel that so abounding of colonic centers have.

Dr. Pam, the owner, aswell offers a actual abundant chargeless comestible appointment with every colonic to advice you break on the appropriate track. I admired this abode so abundant that I started alive here!

5. Arden's Garden

(There are several locations. This one's my favorite)

1117 Euclid Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA

If you reside in Georgia, you accept to try an Arden's Garden juice. If you aces up an Arden's Garden juice, and apprehend the ingredients, you'll see alone absolute fruits and vegetables. No purees or concentrates. And Arden uses a pasteurizing arrangement that leaves a lot of of the comestible amount in tact.

Although the juices are awash in several altered aliment about the Atlanta area, a appointment to the abundance is awful recommended. This is the alone abstract abundance in Atlanta breadth you can get a "grand slam," which is 4, 1 oz shots of aureate grass, ginger, lemon, and cranberry. This aggregate of shots is awful detoxing and animating at the aforementioned time. My admired juices are Oops, Hot Shot, Cha-cha cherry, and Supergreen.

Also, if you're absorbed in fasting, cleansing, and weight loss, analysis out the absolve class, which is a supervised fast with the admirable & abreast Arden Zinn herself.

6. Phoenix and Dragon

5531 Roswell Road NE

Atlanta,GA 30342

A abundant abode to boutique for sage, crystals, candles, books, music, and so abundant more. Phoenix and Dragon is my go to atom for airy tools. This is the absolute abundance if you're accessible to yield your healing to the next akin and absolutely aggrandize your thinking. This is the blazon of abode you can sit and break for hours just reading, exploring, and acquirements about altered cultural healing traditions. Just go with an accessible apperception and time to explore.

7. R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

1812 Peachtree Street, NW,

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

This restaurant is accessible 24 hours a day and has something for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, and carnivore. It's one of my admired restaurants to yield a assorted accumulation of eaters because anybody is happy. The aliment is delicious, and their alcohol card is abundant too. You can get beginning juices, smoothies, and herbal teas. Try the dejected moon, it's my admired latte on the menu. Or adjustment a beginning attic and adore attic baptize beeline from the source.

Another abundant benefit is you can eat breakfast, lunch, or banquet any time of day at R. Thomas.

8. Sevananda

467 Moreland Avenue NE

Atlanta, GA 30307

I boutique at Sevananda regularly! They accept the best aggregate assemble breadth I've apparent in the city. You can get broiled seaweed, bentonite clay, and any assemble you can anticipate of to accomplish herbal baths, teas, and abracadabra potions. You'll aswell acquisition premixed herbal teas from cellular about-face to blight angry mixes. Sevananda aswell accept a nice alternative of capital oils, comestible supplements, and vegetarian & vegan food.

9. Loving it Reside

2796 East Point Street

East Point, GA 30344-3238

This is a raw, vegan restaurant that specializes in gourmet food. They accept lasagna, sandwiches, tacos, brownies -- just to name a few. All of their aliment is fabricated afterwards the use of a stove. Why would they do this? Well, it has been accurate that aliment adapted on top temperatures become bare of capital nutrients and enzymes bare for optimal corpuscle functioning. There are several admirable testimonials about the ability of raw aliment to cure diabetes, cancer, and added ailments advised "incurable."

I'm not a raw foodist or even a complete vegan, but I generally appointment Loving it Reside if I charge a comestible boost. the aliment makes you feel amazing afterwards just a brace of bites. My admired bowl is the tostadas and the blooming irish moss.

One note: the aliment takes time to adapt so either adjustment advanced (there's a card on the website, Google the name) or go if you accept some time on your hands.

10. Decatur Yoga and Pilates

431 West Ponce de Leon Ave.

Decatur, GA 30030

This is my admired yoga flat in Atlanta. They action classes at a array of times throughout the day to board even the busiest schedules. The hot yoga chic is my favorite, but they aswell action affluence of non-hot yoga and pilates classes. The agents are abundant and the prices are affordable. To get started, you can pay $25 for absolute yoga classes for one week.

Bonus I: Apple Accord Bistro

220 Hammond Drive #302

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

This is a abundant vegetarian restaurant amid just off of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs (just arctic of Atlanta). It aswell has a appealing air-conditioned abstraction as it was congenital with donations and volunteers, and all of the cooks, servers, cashiers -- anybody is a volunteer. The gain from the restaurant go against accretion apple accord aural the community.

The aliment is aswell delicious!

Bonus II: Zen Tea

356 Peachtree Rd

Atlanta, Georgia 30341

This is a abundant tea abode amid in the Dunwoody area. They serve a ample array teas including green, white, black, red, herbal, and oolong. They aswell accept abundant contest like tea tasting on Fridays, reside music, and brainwork classes. This is the absolute Zen tea oasis. Adore a cup of tea at the bistro or grab some tea to accomplish at home.

I ambition I could cover more, but that's it for now!

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What a Perfect Cafe Should Be

A Cafe wont be a Cafe if it is without coffee. That's probably the most practical way of describing a coffee shop or Cafe. The major deciding factor in determining the best cafe is by the excellent taste of its coffees. Various types of coffees and brews are available in the market and it is quite inviting to try each of them. However, this is not the only factor in determining what makes a perfect cafe.

The musical background of a Cafe is what mostly attracts patrons, aside from the establishment's wide array of coffee brews and mixes. The music also accounts for a good coffee experience and usually, the best form of music to play while sipping a good cup of caffeine is a soft jazz or soul melody.

Every cafe provides chairs and tables for their customers to place their belongings and most of all, sit with their fresh cup of coffee to relax while they sip every addicting drop of the brew. The cafe should have plenty of chairs on which their customers will be seated. A couch is often a good idea to provide a more comfortable and homely feel inside the cafe. Tables needs to be stable and not rocky to avoid probable spills of liquids.

Cafes are also of different types and one of which is an internet cafe. It is a mandatory for such kind of coffee establishment is the high speed internet connection. If it I not an internet cafe, it is a plus if the store has free WiFi services as it attracts customers too.

Every establishment has a theme, but whatever it is, what's essential is that the chairs, table and couches are arranged in an accommodating layout in addition to a set of decorations that match the atmosphere of the cafe. The cell phone signal is also a regarding consideration for people to come in a cafe.

The temperature inside the cafe must complement the ambient temperature or the temperature outside the store. Warm inside if the weather is cold outside and vice versa.

Most people say that the best coffee partner are donuts, but there may also be other foods to accompany this well-loved brew. So a cafe is one that is best if it also a diverse menu of pastries sandwiches and other possible food stuffs that may perfectly blend with every sip of coffee. They must also come at a reasonable price. Other drinks may as well be served like water and sodas.

Coffee is not only a morning staple but it is something that some people prefer to drink anytime of the day. So a cafe's hours of operation plays an important role in making it 'patronizeable' by clients. Of course it is always important for the customers to be greeted with a smile at whatever time the shop is open by its staff and employees. A cafe whose staff are friendly, sociable and accommodating is said to be well loved by many patrons.

The cafe may also include a line of novelty product and paraphernalia that may stimulate additional interests from customers. It could be a limited design of coffee mugs, tall glasses or keepsakes bearing the name and the logo of the coffee shop.

Cheap Flights to Amsterdam Mean More Money For Eating & Drinking - A Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a comestible United Nations of cuisines boasting a huge accumulating of accomplished restaurants. A budget-friendly way to try them is during this month's Restaurant Week (23-29 August), if you can allow in a 3-course meal at accommodating top restaurants for €25. But some of the best treats are simple affairs, like sampling artisanal cheeses or sipping beer at a cosy amber cafe. So breeze up one of the bargain flights to Amsterdam currently accessible and acquisition out what all the fuss is about. Below, we've listed the best venues and means to embrace Amsterdam like a accurate aliment and alcohol connoisseur:

1. Give Me Added Gouda, Please

Those bargain flights to Amsterdam set you in the average of Gouda and Edam country. Arch to the Negen Straatjes to aces up (and sample!) slices while staring at colossal, colourful auto at the De Kasskamer, the best cheese boutique in town. But for an educational dose, yield a one-hour cheese-tasting branch at Reypenaer Tasting Room, area you can aftertaste it all with sips of wine.

2. A Sip of Dutch Gin

Sample Dutch jenever gin at Proeflokaal Wijnand Fockinck, a distillery and tasting abode set in a 17th-century city-limits centre building. Sip malt and fruit-flavoured jenever in the wood-panelled tasting allowance lined with aged bottles. You can aswell try less-potent concoctions like 'Bride's Tears', a spiced wine commonly served above-mentioned to a wedding.

3. Beer & Bitterballen

An black out in Amsterdam is generally a airy activity of avaricious a beer at a amber bistro (Amsterdam's adaptation of the bounded pub). And bitterballen are the quintessential bar candy - potato and minced beef bouillon breaded and fried, served with ambrosial mustard. But for bigger appetites try their beyond cousins, Kroketten (croquettes) - these ellipsoidal nuggets are generally served on aliment and eaten like an accessible sandwich.

4. Aliment & Mattresses

It doesn't get added adequate than dining on a bed. At the chichi Supperclub you recline on mattresses and continued sofas while dining on adult all-embracing book - apprehend annihilation from seared adolescent to filet mignon. Lay aback and savour it all in the contemporary all-white ambience while alert to DJ-spun beats. The prices are added animated during Restaurant Week too, if Supperclub action appropriate discounted menus.

5. Dutch Home Cooking

For a aftertaste of what the Dutch baker at home, arch to Moeders, the Dutch chat for 'mothers'. Recline on their atmospheric canalside terrace and try acceptable stamppot, a affable mix of veggie, brew and smoked sausage or pork.

6. Rice Table

After bent on bargain flights to Amsterdam and sightseeing about town, you'll plan up an appetence aces of Rijsttaffel (Rice Table). Originating in the Dutch plantations of Indonesia, Rijsttaffel is a massive advance of anywhere from ten to 30 tiny plates of Indonesian dishes. It's all served with rice and is a quintessential allotment of Amsterdam's aliment scene. One of the best places to try an upmarket adaptation of this barbecue is at Continued Pura in the Jordaan, addition area accommodating in Restaurant Week.

7. Flat as a Pancake

Squeeze assimilate a blue-tiled table at Pancakes! area you'll acquisition savoury and candied versions of the Dutch staple. Go acceptable (mushroom or bootleg birthmark jam) or added beginning (bacon, assistant and chili pepper or endive, cheese and ham).

8. Chichi Dining in an Automated Monument

Panama is a attenuate brand - allotment alluring restaurant, allotment chichi bar and club - all housed in a above harbour architecture in the Eastern Docklands. Dine on beautiful all-embracing book like blimp saddle of lamb or ability and sea bass risotto beneath top automated ceilings and avant-garde ablaze fittings. Panama is aswell demography allotment in Restaurant Week.

9. Hot off the Press: Stroopwafels

It's simple decadence: A cossack biscuit, hot and afresh pressed, slathered in a band of caramel-like syrup. It's topped by a additional waffle, basic a annular Stroopwafel. They're simple to acquisition - just chase the aerial balm of crispy, candied advantage as it wafts its way through markets like the multicultural Albert Cuypmarkt in De Pijp or the contemporary Noordermarkt in the Jordaan, or aces one up at Lanskroon bakery in the city-limits centre.

10. A Slice of Pie

Appeltart, that is. Dutch Apple Pie is cakey, close and abounding of the soft, clammy fruit. It's served at a bulk of cafes about town, but the best adaptation is at Winkel, a cafe-restaurant in the Jordaan. They bowl up blubbery wedges of the appetizing amusement - be abiding to adjustment it the way the locals do, with a beefy atom of aerated cream.

From feasting on dozens of diminutive Indonesian tastes to advertent your favourite flavour of Dutch gin, this basic satisfies all palettes. Book bargain flights to Amsterdam to adore the flavours of Amsterdam and yield advantage of the best comestible accord of the summer.

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