Airline Travel - Foods You Can Not Bring On A Plane

Today, many airports worldwide have increased security measures and rules on what you can and can not carry in your baggage. Every person has their own favorite food. Some passengers like packing their own food when travelling for holidays. Sometimes, it is challenging to identify which type of food and gifts will allowed through various check points. Any packed canned food such as fruits, vegetables, soup, peanut butter and sauces should not exceed three ounces. This also applies to cheese, whipping cream and yogurt.

The fact is that, most food bought at airport cabin is extremely expensive, many people prefer packing their own meal. While preparing your meal, avoid having strong odor in your food. What is ideal for you could be harmful to other persons in the plane. Remember to pack extra food to assist a friend who has nothing to eat in the plane for it is through giving that we receive blessings from God.

If you are a mother with a little baby, you can pack Soya milk, cow milk, breast milk and formula. Any sterilized water should be packed in a baby bottle. It is the responsibility of the mother to ensure that she has packed enough food and drink for the journey. Sometimes, baby food over 100 ml is allowed through various check points. If you are asked to taste the baby food for verification, do so without hesitation.

Liquids bought at the aircraft cabin cafe after passing through the security check points have been pre-screened and can be carried in the plane. This include liquids such as wines and spirits, bottled water, fragrances and cosmetics. If you have a gift in your baggage, make sure it is not wrapped for easier checking and processing. Cake and pies are allowed in the plane but, they have to go through the check points.

Sharp objects such as folks and knives used when eating food are prohibited in the plane and you will have to use your hands when taking your food. Un pealed fruits such as mangoes, bananas and oranges are allowed in the plane but, make sure you do not exceed the required amount.

It is important to contact your airline staff members to confirm which food you may need to pack. The staff members will answer all questions regarding food. When packing your medicines and inhaler, remember to carry prescriptions from your doctor. Sometimes, there is no restriction on the number of medicine a person can carry. In every travel, make sure you carry only what you require. Always try to pack light.

Barbados Dining - Waterfront Cafe is a Bridgetown Favorite

 Next time you're in Barbados, stop by Waterfront Café for lunch or dinner. Like many restaurants on the island, Waterfront offers a water setting - but the water at this eatery is not the seaside but rather the peaceful careenage in the capital city of Bridgetown.

Next to the outdoor tables are deep-sea fishing boats and across the waterway are buildings painted lively colors. Such a pleasant setting for a very good, reasonably priced, and beautifully prepared mostly-Bajan food.

Waterfront Café: Live Jazz, Great Food

Live jazz entertains at dinner as you dine on fabulous local and regional food in a relaxed atmosphere. Last time we had dinner at Waterfront Cafe, we took friends and each of us ordered different entrees and then shared. We all agreed the pepper pot was out of this world (it always is at Waterfront) and the gazpacho had a perfect amount of garlic.

We sampled each other's veggie samosas, crab cakes, flying fish, and coconut shrimp, which were all excellent. We had to try a Bajan dessert, of course, and found the guava with ice cream did not disappoint. We also ordered carrot cake, which was moist and frosted in classic cream cheese frosting. Oh my!

I mustn't neglect to mention our rum drinks, made with Old Gold Mount Gay rum. If you've ever had Barbados' Old Gold, then you know the smooth taste it gives rum libations.

Sitting under the stars along the peaceful boat-lined waterway, eating wonderful food, soft jazz drifting through our lively conversation, I dare say it was a perfect Barbados evening.

Barbados: The Most Repeat Visitors

Temperature-wise, of course, most nights in Barbados are "perfect Barbados evenings:" not too hot with a very slight breeze. In winter months I take a very light wrap when I dine by the water; in the summer, bare arms are perfectly comfortable.

Experiencing such an evening while lingering over scrumptious food, drink, and music at Waterfront Café ... well, this is one reason visitors to Barbados return time and time again. Indeed, Barbados is the Caribbean island with the most repeat visitors.  

Christmas Drink Recipe Ideas

Want some new Christmas Drink Recipes to impress your holiday guests this year? Why not introduce a new tradition into your annual holiday party. There are lots of different drink recipes you can incorporate into your holiday party, so be a little different this Christmas and give your family and friends a special treat!


Let's start our drink recipe tour in Jolly Old England with something called Wassail. It's a tasty Christmas party drink made with apple cider and a combination of some spices. Mix it together, heat it up and if you want to add a "little kick" to it, really spice it up with a little brandy. It has a great aroma and tastes even better!

Glühwein (Hot Mulled Wine)

Next on our Christmas drink recipe search let's see what Germany has to offer. A warm wine drink is what we will find here. It's called Glühwein (Hot Mulled Wine) and like Wassail it tastes and smells great.

Who would have thought that you could that you not only make a fun, delicious new drink, but also give your house a cheerful, delicious holiday aroma that will warm the hearts of your guests as well. Imagine your fragrant house filled with friends and family sampling your new holiday recipe ideas...It's going to be a great holiday season!

Cafe Mexican

The next Christmas drink idea is from our neighbors to the south...Mexico! Everyone loves a hot cup of Joe after dinner, but you can make that ordinary cup of coffee a gourmet delight with a recipe for Cafe Mexico! A combination of spices and a dollop of whipped cream will turn your after dinner coffee into a dessert! You can add some Kahlua coffee liqueur, or you can serve the non-alcoholic version.

American Eggnog

Finally, we have the old American holiday drink recipe...Eggnog. This is a drink you're probably familiar with. It's a holiday standard in my house but we like to add a little brandy or triple sec to give it a little vigor! This traditional holiday drink warms you from the inside out on a cold winters' night.

Add Some Spice To Your Christmas Drink Recipes

There are so many new and unique tastes from all over the world to help you add a "little something Extra" to your holiday party ideas this year. Holiday drink recipes and food recipes can turn your holidays into a gourmet feast, so try some new ideas this year.

The Diet Of Costa Ricans And How It Keeps Them Healthy

Located between Panama and Nicaragua in Central America, Costa Rica boasts a proud culinary heritage. Many scorn Costa Rica food selections for being high in saturated fats, but in actuality Costa Ricans are far more active than other cultures.

Costa Rican's, locally called Ticos, never eat excessively. Limiting their portions is one way they stay so healthy. Also, lunch is the most important meal of their day. In fact, like many Latin nations, businesses and schools close down for a couple of hours at lunch so that employees and students can go home and have a leisurely meal with their family. This allows both a strong focus on family life, but also on slowing down a meal. In America, a typical school lunch lasts a mere twenty minutes at most and work breaks are usually an hour tops, so many must eat at their desk or machine. A Costa Rican's lifestyle is completely different.

Costa Rica food often revolves around rice and beans, such as Gallo Pinto, a dish that translates to "Spotted Rooster". Gallo Pinto is a dish that includes black beans at a three to two ratio to rice. Also added are onions, garlic, and salt. Meats are eaten sparingly, while beans provide a high content of fiber. Fiber can help counteract the saturated fats. Costa Rica food choices rarely include dairy or cheese.

As Costa Rica has water on both sides with the Pacific to the west and the Caribbean to the east, fresh seafood is always available. Unfortunately, the seafood is also extremely expensive as the country exports the bulk of its seafood. Chicken, pork, and beef are the more popular meats. Costa Rica food supplies use organ meat as well; so expect to find dishes involving stomach, brains, and other organs on the menu. Other staples of Costa Rica food choices include fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and a variety of beans, fruits, including plantains, and rice.

Costa Rica's capital city, San Jose, is packed with outstanding restaurants and cafes. In San Jose, one can experience bold foods and beverages. Staple beverages such as sugarcane soaked in hot water are second only to the nation's delicious Costa Rican coffee. Drinks mixing corn meal and milk are also common. Plantains are similar to bananas in appearance, but they cannot be eaten raw. Plantains are pounded flat, battered, and fried tender.

As one travels to other regions, the choices for Costa Rica food also decrease and become more traditional with the beans and rice dishes. Beans and rice dishes are usually served alongside a carrot and cabbage or lettuce and tomato salad. Sometimes Arroz, (fried shrimp or chicken), are found on the table instead of beans and rice. The salads are typically larger than the portion of beans and rice and that helps the Ticos to stay fit.

It is possibly to choose healthy selections of Costa Rica food. Stick to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy the delightful blend of culinary flavors.